Work Together

(VA packages for every budget!)

Custom VA packages for every budget

Let's first start off with who I work WITH...

  • My clients are PASSIONATE about their business. They're in LOVE with their businesses, but feeling overwhelmed and stressed with tasks they were desperate to have off their plates!
  • My clients are GOAL DIGGERS and always growing and wanting more from life!
  • They have a great sense of humor cause I love working with fun clients.
  • But most of all, my clients are looking to build an EMPIRE.

If any of this resonates with YOU, then Gorgeous - you're in the right place!

Social Media
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Slay your Social Media

In this day and age, who doesn’t have social media? For your business this is KEY! Whatever platform you are on, let me help you slay your social accounts while you work on your next launch!

  • Social Strategy
  • Profile + Scheduler Setup
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Optimizing your Social Media Accounts
  • Instagram, Facebook Biz Page, Pinterest Management
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Not your Bae-sic Branding

As a beauty professional, let’s be real...we judge the book by it’s cover! Not in that way but Branding is important in ANY business even in our industry! I can help you create a brand that is consistent throughout all your social media accounts!

  • Pinterest Graphics
  • Instagram Layouts
  • Promotional Materials
  • Service Sheets
  • Facebook / Youtube / Twitter Cover Photos
  • Blog Graphics
  • YouTube thumbnails and more!
Your Squad
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Squad Engagement

Have you ever thought of bringing your “Squad” to Facebook? You know Facebook is all the rage nowadays especially in the entrepreneurial world! Let me help you manage it while your fans get to connect with you and it’ll make it easier for you to announce your new product or video release!

  • Manage Squad Member Requests
  • Create Daily Prompts
  • Engage with Your Squad
  • Ensure Guideline Rules are Followed
  • Schedule Posts and more!
Boss Babe
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Be a Boss Babe in your Biz

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Yup, you got that right! Who wants to deal with all the boring business stuff? I DO! I’m kinda geeky that way, in a fab way, of course! 😉 I’ll help you with your processes and systems and make sure everything in the back end of your business is all good!

  • Nurture your Email List
  • Scheduling
  • Automate your systems
  • Create your processes and workflows
  • Manage Promotions/Giveaways
  • Provide Excellent Customer Service
Sales Funnels
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Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels for Goal Diggers

Let’s get your brand out there! And by doing that is by increasing the reach of your audience. I will help you attract the right clients, and let people find you and be part of your #squadgoals.

  • Target your Ideal Audience
  • Ad Graphics & Copy
  • 48 hour Audience Test
  • Maintenance & Optimization
  • Lead Generation Funnels
  • Evergreen Webinar Funnels
  • Self-Liquidating Offer Funnels
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Website Revival & Reloaded

Are you looking for an amazing website and are tired of DIYing it, well here it is! You get all this and more to get your business to where you want it to be!

  • Logo design & color palette
  • Website set up w/ Jupiter Themes (Hosting setup is included, if necessary)
  • Theme customization with on-brand images & colors
  • 5 hours of custom banners, marketing graphics / templates, and CSS
  • Mobile testing & CSS configuration (if required)
  • Gravity Forms PREMIUM plugin + form styling

Are you ready to build your creative empire?


After YEARS of thinking that I could ‘do it all myself’, I now know that hiring a smart, efficient VA like Angela is the only way to run a successful business.

The investment was worth every penny, and I can’t thank her enough for being on my team!”

- Laura Patricelli
Creative Director, Design Mastermind NYC

Doing business alone was a shit storm of too many hours and waaaay too much to do. Overwhelmed isn’t even CLOSE to describing what I felt before Angela.

Immediately she made things . I finally got something off of my plate that has been stressing me out for 6 months. 6 freaking months! I am finally able to put on my CEO hat and stop worrying about foolishness that stresses me out like social media."

- Tatiana Wallace
Business Building Bombshell

Working with Angela has been a joy through and through. However, more importantly is how she was able to meet my needs and be invested in my success as much as I am.

I’m definitely looking for a long-term business relationship with Angela as my virtual assistant.”

- Aprille Reed
Business and Money Mindset Strategist