Our First Look – Angela & Mitchell

Mr. & Mrs. Matsuhiro!!

Makeup & Hair by myself! 🙂

Stylists for Bridesmaids: Elona Nguyen & Stephanie Joromat

Photography by: Mimi Lee Yip

A&M-14 A&M-15 A&M-17 A&M-18 A&M-136 A&M-138 A&M-139 A&M-140 A&M-142 A&M-144 A&M-146 A&M-149 A&M-151 A&M-158 A&M-163 A&M-164 A&M-165 A&M-166 A&M-168 A&M-172 A&M-177 A&M-181 A&M-182 A&M-188 A&M-191

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Angela Holanda Matsuhiro

I'm just a girl that loves everything beauty related! While having fun with my hubby and our baby girl!