My Must-Have Eyeliners

Makeup-wise, What is one thing you cannot walk out the door with?


Obviously from the subject, you know what my must have is. Yes, that is EYELINER! It’s everything. Not only does it make you look awake but it also doubles as an eyebrow pencil. (I would not suggest the eyeliner pens above for your eyebrows though, unless your going for the “Sharpie” look, then you do you boo boo!)


So let me get started on my little review. 


SMASHBOX LIMITLESS LIQUID LINER is AAHHMAZING! This stuff stays on like no other! And I have oily eyelids and some eyeliner pens do not last all day. I am also an eye-rubber. Sometimes I forget I have eyeliner on and BAM I end up looking like a PANDA, but with the Smashbox Liner that is not a problem.


PROS and CONS for The Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner


-Stays on like a tattoo.
-Great for every skin type.
-Fine tip for creating the perfect cat eye.
-The felt tip is firm which makes it easy to stamp the line on
and for great control.
-Cap feels really secure that makes me believe that it keeps it from drying out too fast.


-Price, especially for an eyeliner that only lasts me a little over a month.
-Once it drys out you will KNOW, cause you will feel it drag on your eyelids,
not a good feeling.


As you can see, there are more PROS than CONS. If I was living BALLER STATUS I would definitely purchase this all the time. But since Im not, I had to find an alternative. So for my Budget Beauties, I would recommend the Loreal 12 HR Infallible The Super Slim Liquid Liner, unlike the Smashbox it does not stay on ALL DAY.


My daily makeup routine consists of eyeliner straight to my lids with no eyeshadow or anything. So by mid day, the color of the eyeliner has either faded or the oils on my eyelids has broke down the color, which is NO BUENO. Since I’ve been using it for almost a year…I can’t really complain, its done the job and it hasn’t broke the bank, which is my main goal. 🙂


Alrighty here are the PROS and CONS for The Loreal Liquid Liner


-PRICE! 🙂 Compared to the Smashbox Liquid Liner I can stock up.
-Great for every skin type.
-Felt tip is not the firm as the Smashbox, this can be a pro or a con depending on preference.
-Seems to last longer than the Smashbox, as the formula is on the watery side and it doesn’t dry as fast.
-I would definitely recommend you use this over eyeshadow so it can last longer. As my oily lids along with my eye rubbing was not helping. But when I have eyeshadow on, this stuff stays on.


-Kinda watery, in the sense that I have to apply two coats of eyeliner in order to get that Intense BLACK line. But like I said above, with eyeshadow this stuff stays on. However, with my daily makeup routine I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday. So its on bare skin.
-Felt tip in my opinion is too flimsy, but you get used to it.


In my opinion, both products are great, but I got spoiled with the Smashbox Liquid Liner too early in the game that I don’t appreciate the Loreal Liquid Liner as much as I should, since I’ve been using it for a while now.
I must confess, I have cheated on Loreal and tried to find other dupes that can be better and I come across a few, but they never make the cut and I always go back to Loreal Liquid Liner. So if you guys have any other recommendations, please SHARE!!! 🙂


FYI…you can buy these products at the following stores:


SMASHBOX: Ulta, Sephora and Department Stores that carry SMASHBOX.
Loreal: Ulta, CVS, Target and any other drugstore even Food 4 Less makeup section. I would suggest buying it with a coupon from the mail or when its Buy one get one 50% Off. 🙂


Thanks for reading and I hope to keep up with this blog more, I like rambling about makeup even if I have no audience.


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