How to get ORGANIZED!

Let’s just be honest here, it’s a safe space, everyone has an area (or two…) of life where there’s a lack of organization! Right? I, for one, am often on the hunt for something that I swear I put on the kitchen table/desk/nightstand (true story: I found my car keys in the fridge one day and the creamer on the table near the door – clearly the coffee hadn’t kicked in yet!).

Not only is lack of organization frustrating, it’s also a huge time suck. Ouch.

But never fear! We’re going to beat this thing together – and I’ve come up with some tips and tricks for along the way.

Pro tip: Declutter your home and office before you attempt these steps for even better results! Check out this list of creative ways to declutter.

Let’s go!

Forget the elaborate systems.

You know that old saying, Keep ISimple Stupid? Insert here! Any system you use for organizing your life that takes a lot of time to keep up with is actually a waste of time. An organizational system should enhance your life, not detract from it. You can use something simple like an expandable folder to keep track of bills that need to be paid or projects that need to be completed! It doesn’t have to be $45 customized system designed just for bills –  don’t overcomplicate your organization system. Invest in simple solutions and watch how it transforms the way you manage your time and act in a more productive manner.

Use a system that works for you.

I know, “uh, duh Anglea!” No, not duh. It’s actually so tempting to use something that just seems right rather than acknowledging what works best for you! Some people like to plan their tasks with electronic planners, and some like paper planners. If you try to fit into a system that doesn’t feel right, you are going to stop using the system. Try to notice what you gravitate toward and then follow that through! For instance, when someone tells you the date of something, what is your very first instinct? To put it in your phone? Write it on your hand (If you do this, please have a backup method… )? Go with that!

Don’t procrastinate.

Ah, you knew this one was coming, right? This is a big problem for a lot of people – in all walks of life! We don’t like to do the things we don’t like to do. It’s as simple as that. No one wants to do the hard jobs that seem boring. We don’t want to do the job that’s going to take us five hours to complete when the sun is shining and we’d rather kick back and go to the beach or spend time with friends. But, here’s the thing: when you get the most difficult tasks over with, you have that sense of satisfaction that it’s now behind you. And that feeling is contagious! It can create a snowball effect on the rest of your day. So tackle those boring projects first thing, and let the satisfaction carry you through the other tasks of your day!

Control your paperwork…

… before it controls you! If you haven’t switched to electronic file keeping, then it can be easy to get overwhelmed and disorganized just by the volume of documents. Here’s an easy rule of thumb: when you get important paperwork, take care of it immediately. Not after you finish your latte, not after House of Cards is over, immediately. Don’t get a new piece of paper in your hand if you aren’t ready to address it right then! That means when you bring the mail in, you should only touch each piece one time – to either take care of it or to rip it up (isn’t that fun?!). If there’s something that requires you to make a phone call before you can put that paperwork away, put the paper in your desk inbox and make a note in your planner to schedule a time to make that call.

Okay – how are you feeling now? A little more ready to tackle this beast called organization? I know I am! I would love to hear your thoughts along the way – drop me a comment below or visit my Facebook group for Passionate Preneurs, like yourself here and tell me all about it!


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