Makeup & Hair by Angela Holanda Beauty Team provides many services needed for any special event that you may have that needs you looking your absolute best! We offer all types of makeup and hair related services, from proms, weddings, to maternity shoots. You name it we are there for you!


After your engagement begins the wedding planning. Makeup & Hair by Angela Holanda Beauty Team are excited to be part of your special day! We provide all services related to Makeup and Hair for any occasion leading up to your Big Day! Be it the engagement shoot, bridal showers, Bachelorette parties, and so many more.

Your Bridal Party!

Oh, and let’s not forget about your bridal party, your mothers, and your little flower girls. We provide services for everyone in your party! You chose them specifically to be there with you when you walk down the aisle, how about let them get pampered for that day as well! Who doesn’t want to get their makeup and hair done?

New Addition to the Family!

As a mother myself, I wish I had done Maternity photoshoots while I was pregnant. This was the best times of my life and just seeing my daughter grow up makes me regret not getting them to show her how she was in my tummy in this picture! It’s bad enough that I felt like a fat cow all of my pregnancy, but to have my hair and makeup done and do a photoshoot, that would have made me feel way better!

Oh yeah, he put a ring on it!

Congrats on your engagement! This is the time you want to enjoy and cherish because the planning for the big day is getting closer and closer. We provide hair and makeup for engagement shoots, save the dates to send to your family and friends. As well as Boudouir shoots where you can step out of your comfort zone for your fiance’s “special” gift!