Getting Ready for Our BIG DAY!

Getting Ready for Our BIG DAY!

Makeup & Hair by myself! ­čÖé

Stylists for Bridesmaids: Elona Nguyen & Stephanie Joromat

Photography by: Mimi Lee Yip

  A&M-219 A&M-225 A&M-224

A&M-232 A&M-229 A&M-231 A&M-234 A&M-235 A&M-230

A&M-238 A&M-240 A&M-242

A&M-249 A&M-250 A&M-253 A&M-255 A&M-256 A&M-257 A&M-258 A&M-261 A&M-264 A&M-265 A&M-266

A&M-290 A&M-295 A&M-300 A&M-299

A&M-304 A&M-305 A&M-308 A&M-309 A&M-313 A&M-314 A&M-315 A&M-316 A&M-317 A&M-318 A&M-320 A&M-330 A&M-332 A&M-333 A&M-334

Boy’s Time to Shine!

A&M-274 A&M-275 A&M-277 A&M-278 A&M-280 A&M-282 A&M-283 A&M-284 A&M-285 A&M-286 A&M-287 A&M-289 A&M-336 A&M-337 A&M-338 A&M-339 A&M-340

A&M-321 A&M-323 A&M-328

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