Don’t Get Scammed On Your Wedding Day


Ok, as a former bride, now wife. I have worn the shoes of wedding planning! To be honest, aside from me getting scammed, I loved everything about wedding planning. I love weddings. PERIOD. (That’s why I’m in the Bridal industry, I love….LOVE!)

So not to get away from the point of this post, I will be speaking from experience and hope that you can learn from my mistakes! (As I have made many of them…but that will be another post!) 😉

Let’s start with my timeline…

I got engaged in November 2012, started planning right after so we could get married exactly a year after our engagement. Mind you, I was pregnant and due in April 2013 so I wanted to finish planning everything before I pop! I was almost done with my wedding planning by February/March. And if you don’t already know, a wedding is NOT cheap!

I was trying to pinch pennies wherever I could and tried my best to find the best deals. And I had one more thing to cross off my list before all the planning was done. Videographer. I wanted to have a keepsake that I can watch on replay of my…


After many days searching considering their prices, reviews, and of course their end results…I found a guy that was lower in cost than the rest of them and the quality of his work was really good….I thought to myself…I found the guy! 🙂 So I went ahead and contacted him and he offered me a lower price if I paid in full. So I paid in full…cause it was half the price of the other videographers I was looking at.

Tip #1: Do not pay any vendor in FULL until the job is done and some vendors require payments a week before the event, which is typically normal. (Do as I say, not as I do…or you will end up feeling like poo!)

Videographer: CHECK!

Wedding planning, all done AND stress free! Or so I thought…

So now to the good stuff (more like…bad stuff for me) that June, I got my review from work and bonus so I wanted to pay my big vendors any remaining balances. Note: Most of my vendors were actually friends as I work in the industry so I knew them and trusted them. Except of course, for the videographer.

Tip #2: Contact all your vendors about 3-5 months before your event, just to make sure everything is finalized and you are all on the same page….in case you have to find someone else. This prevents you from making last minute phone calls to do your hair and makeup cause your stylist is not answering their phone….(Trust me, this happens more than you think! Cause I have had many calls from FREAKED OUT Brides on their wedding day!) 🙁

After finalizing with all my vendors, it was time to contact my videographer. He did not reply to my email(s), so I called him and no answer…that’s when I started to FREAK OUT! I called my fiancé (now husband) and told him that our videographer is not getting back to me!??! So he went online and sent me a video he found, a clip from the NEWS!!

Our videographer, Dean Abraham from SIGNATURE WEDDINGS (they constantly change their names so beware) was on the NEWS for scamming couples! There were about 5 couples on that segment that got scammed by him, from showing up with just his Iphone to showing up but never sending you the videos to receiving the videos and they looked like crap! I mean after watching that, I was furious/upset and most of all felt super stupid! 🙁

So instead of feeling all those things, I emailed him again asking him, pretty much begging him to just refund us the money and we can just go our separate ways…and we won’t write a bad review. No reply.

My husband, who is the nicest guy. EVER. Told me he got his address and will go over and talk to him. I felt a little relieved that we MIGHT get our money back. A few hours later, my husband walks in the door and I begin with my main question, Did you get our money back? He replied with “No babe, he said it’s on the contract that he cannot give any refunds. Especially cause he hasn’t technically done anything wrong?”

In that second, I KNEW my husband has gotten CLOSED!

Tip #3: Read all contracts, regardless the amount. You have to make sure you know what you are signing before going into business with anyone especially when it involves money. (You cannot expect other people to be as honest as you.)

This is the reason why my husband and I are meant to be….we both see the good in EVERYONE, even AFTER they BEAN BOOZLED our butts! 🙁

My husband started to tell me how he talked to Dean and how he promised him that he’s trying to change and that he got really behind because a couple of his employees quit on him and the transition has affected his business and he feels really bad…and reassured my husband that he would be there for our wedding!

Ummmm….I don’t know about you…but I was not going to take my chances! Its stressful enough to think he wasn’t going to come but to actually see him and things go wrong…BRIDEZILLA will arise on my wedding day if that were to happen! So I told my husband to just accept the loss and just hire someone else. We ended up hiring Nathan Prince of Prince Productions…Which was double what we paid Dean, but you get what you pay for, right? In our case, we ended up paying triple… 🙁

Tip #4 If the price is too good to be true…it is! You get what you pay for and that’s with everything, especially with picking your makeup and hair stylist…girl, you gotta look good for those pictures and video! 😛

Our wedding day was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better list of vendors to work with. They made everything stress free and the Highlight video of my wedding makes me fall in love with my husband every time I watch it! Worth paying triple…lesson learned!

Tip #5 Enjoy your wedding day and have fun!

Here’s our Highlight video if you wanna see how it turned out? 🙂

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