Are you a makeup enthusiast or have a passion for styling hair? Well below are a few classes that we offer that will benefit you in your daily life or even as a career, if this is your passion, I will be able to get you there! Less than what other makeup schools charge! You don’t need a license or even go to school to do makeup or style hair. So I am here to save you money, by helping you MAKE MONEY!

One on One – Personal Makeup Class

(2 hours)

This is a One on One class where you can learn at your own pace and get more detailed and personalized techniques. I will raid your makeup bag and give you different new ways that you never knew you could do with what you already have. We will start from prepping the skin, to the finishing touches. You will learn everything you want to know. Contact me for more details.

Group Makeup Class

(2 hours)

Get your friends together and have your very own private makeup party! This class is not as intimate as the one on one class but will cover all that you will learn in that class but the difference is you will be with a bunch of people you can learn with. This class is perfect for Bachelorette parties or just a Girl’s night out where you all want to look fabulous and go straight to the clubs after!

Professional Hair or Makeup Class

(6 Hours)

Are you already either a makeup artist that wants to learn more about hair to add to your services? Or the other way around? This class is focused on either Hair, which I will teach you everything needed to create an updo, a half up do and even how to curl hair in multiple ways.

I can also focus on Makeup for the artists that already have their hair game on point, but want to learn makeup techniques that will be a great addition to their business. Being in this industry I have learned that brides don’t have time to look for separate artists where one will do their hair and then go to another place to get their makeup done. So this class will definitely give you an edge against your competition.

Please note: This is a practical class, you must bring a model on the day of your class.

Professional Business Class

(3 Hours and 3 months of unlimited coaching)

Do you already have the skills but like myself, beauty school never taught the business side of things except for how to work for others or maybe even at a salon?

This 3 hour session will include everything I learned in the 10 years I have been in this industry and condensed it into a 3 hour long class that will teach you to be your own boss, from advertising, to hiring the right employees and just managing your own brand. And that brand is YOU! So why not start now?

Included with this package is 3 months of my time where you can email, call, text whenever you need to talk, if you hit a bump in the road or just need another motivational push in the right direction! Also, I will share with you my forms and what I use in order to get organized and book brides easily.


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