Handle Those Interruptions

“Hey – do you have a quick sec to talk about that email I sent?” – Well meaning but forever impatient co-worker “Oh my goodness, did I tell you what happened last week?!” – Friend/Co-worker knee deep in a new relationship. “Mom! Can I have a snack?” – Adorable and somehow always hungry daughter. They’re lean, they’re mean,…

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How to get ORGANIZED!

Let’s just be honest here, it’s a safe space, everyone has an area (or two…) of life where there’s a lack of organization! Right? I, for one, am often on the hunt for something that I swear I put on the kitchen table/desk/nightstand (true story: I found my car keys in the fridge one day and the creamer…

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Don’t Get Scammed On Your Wedding Day

WHO SCAMMED YOU? You ask… Ok, as a former bride, now wife. I have worn the shoes of wedding planning! To be honest, aside from me getting scammed, I loved everything about wedding planning. I love weddings. PERIOD. (That’s why I’m in the Bridal industry, I love….LOVE!) So not to get away from the point…

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